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Debt, Spending and Self Esteem

My name is Kristel. Some reflections after my 6.6km run this morning. Spending money to goods and services that are not in the list of one’s necessities may be correlated to acquiring more self-esteem. The less self-esteem, the less self-confidence and when you feel bad about your self and life in general, the more you […]

We forgive.

I am hurt. You are hurt.  I was hurt. You were hurt.  We forgive.

5 minutes

5 minutes is way better than no minutes. 5 minutes is better than no seconds. Kettlebells. five minutes.

I need to be calm as a Monk

My name is Kristel. I am currently living with a room mate during weekdays. This evening, I confronted her re: her complaints on the noises I supposedly make during the mornings. I can honestly say that I don’t make any obliterate or extraordinary loud noise. I even contacted my previous room mates to check. I […]

Well Hang in there

Bronson has the James Bond “smoothness” mixed with Bourne’s ruggedness. Coolest opening ever. Driver: “Taking a trip?” Bronson: “What’s that?” Driver: “Taking a trip?” Bronson: “Yeah.” Driver: “Where to?” Bronson: “Oh, I don’t know. Wherever I end up, I guess.” Driver: “Man, I wish I was you.” Bronson: “Really?” Driver: “Yeah.” Bronson: “Well, hang in […]

Pickpocket at Sidcor Weekend Market

My name is Kristel. I went to Sidcor Sunday Market just this morning. Sidcor has a variety of food to offer from barbecues to fresh salads. Part food market, part wet and clothes market, it has a good variety of vendors and great shops and restaurants. Just beware of pickpocketing! I know it is the buyers’ responsibility to be […]

Skin Buffet Aesthetics Review

My name is Kristel.  After devouring heaps of Coconut Chocolates and junk food yesterday, I felt sad , bloated and fugly. No surprise about that. Usually, after eating junk, sweets or too much eating, I will not just eat afterwards and do fasting the whole day. This usually works by the way. But yesterday is […]