Skin Buffet Aesthetics Review

My name is Kristel.  After devouring heaps of Coconut Chocolates and junk food yesterday, I felt sad , bloated and fugly. No surprise about that.

Usually, after eating junk, sweets or too much eating, I will not just eat afterwards and do fasting the whole day. This usually works by the way.

But yesterday is Friday. I should be doing something extra ordinary (I told myself.). Just because.

So I bought a voucher from metrodeal. It is for the Laser Lipo Light and Vacuum Shape of Skin Buffet – West Avenue. (Photo credits to Skin Buffet FB page)


Emy, Rosy and another person whom either name ends in -y or -i were very friendly. It is fairly cheap at Ph599.00 for 10 min Lipo Light (replaced by Lipo Cavi since the machine for Lipo Light is not working) and 10 min Vacuum shape. Though the place is clean and looks professional, the location is not convenient for me.


Lipo Cavitation and Vacuum Shaping is a non-invasive fat removal procedure. Both gives me tingling sensation but only temporary.  Like any other non-invasive procedure , I think several sessions are needed to really see the result.

I have a feeling that these procedures are really good for toning the abdomen area and burning those last few centimeters for one’s abs to be seen. On a separate note, I feel relaxed and in a light mood thereafter. Will I do it again? Depends if I have the extra moolah. Overall, it was a nice experience. Kristel approves.


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