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I need to be calm as a Monk

My name is Kristel. I am currently living with a room mate during weekdays. This evening, I confronted her re: her complaints on the noises I supposedly make during the mornings. I can honestly say that I don’t make any obliterate or extraordinary loud noise. I even contacted my previous room mates to check. I […]

Well Hang in there

Bronson has the James Bond “smoothness” mixed with Bourne’s ruggedness. Coolest opening ever. Driver: “Taking a trip?” Bronson: “What’s that?” Driver: “Taking a trip?” Bronson: “Yeah.” Driver: “Where to?” Bronson: “Oh, I don’t know. Wherever I end up, I guess.” Driver: “Man, I wish I was you.” Bronson: “Really?” Driver: “Yeah.” Bronson: “Well, hang in […]

My name is Kristel

and this is my first blog post. I do not know what to write as I am not really a good writer. I do not know what this blog is all about but here it is. My name is Kristel. That’s it.